Dynamic DanceWorx Dance! Dream! Believe!
Dynamic DanceWorxDance! Dream! Believe!

Dance calendar: We follow the FCPS calendar, except as noted below, on the 'Dates to Remember' tab or in your monthly newsletter.

NOTE: We hold classes on most weekdays - except for national holidays - even if FCPS or LCPS schools are closed for teacher training/development, grading periods or extra student holidays. Please check the 'Dates to Remember' tab to confirm any days we are closed.

Click here for the FCPS 2023-24 calendar

Inclement weather: The rule of thumb is if Fairfax County schools are closed, we are closed. However, please check the website on any days that roads look iffy before you leave for class. Also, because we're in a space that is regularly plowed, we may open for evening classes if the weather improves during the day.


Please monitor the website: If we are closed for inclement weather, that information will be posted on the homepage no later than 3:00 PM for that day's classes.

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Dynamic DanceWorx: Dance! Dream! Believe!