Dynamic DanceWorx Dance! Dream! Believe!
Dynamic DanceWorxDance! Dream! Believe!

Why should parents consider dance lessons for their children?

  • Improve physical health: flexibility, stamina, range of motion, muscle tone, balance

  • Improve socialization skills: communication, cooperation, trust, working with others

  • Improve self-esteem: confidence, self-expression, a better sense of self

  • Improve learning skills: focus, concentration, practice, discipline
  • Improve test scores: Family Talk Magazine notes that students who have a background in dance tend to achieve significantly higher SAT scores and do better in math and science competitions!


A study by the National Endowment for the Arts notes that students who take regular dance lessons:

  • Earn higher GPAs overall (especially in math) over their nonparticipating peers
  • Are more likely to complete calculus
  • Enjoy higher test scores on SATs, particularly in science and writing
  • Perform better in math and science competitions
  • Enroll in four-year colleges, earn mostly As and complete bachelor degrees
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