Dynamic DanceWorx Dance! Dream! Believe!
Dynamic DanceWorxDance! Dream! Believe!

Our Philosophy

If you want a high-pressure competition studio with 20-30 students in a class, then Dynamic DanceWorx is not for your child. "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt." Never again. The contrast between a "hairography dance factory" and the close-knit, family-oriented atmosphere we cherish at DDW is completely different.

What differentiates Dynamic DanceWorx from other studios?

  • Small class size: We currently limit each class to no more than six students for greater individualized attention and to foster accelerated learning and quicker personal development.


  • Quality of instruction: Students receive instruction from the studio director, a dance professional with over 20 years of teaching experience.


  • TWO recitals every year: We hold an onstage dance recital EACH term - a Holiday Recital in December plus the traditional June Recital!


  • Variety: Rather than practicing "the same old routine" from fall until the June Recital, our students learn brand-new routines for both the December recital and the June recital! How can we do that? Because our small class size promotes more personal growth learning in a shorter period of time.


  • Parent Observation Week: We have an open-door policy, meaning parents are welcome to watch classes as often as they wish. There's no need for a "observation week," when everyone is on their best behavior: you are welcome to observe your child's class whenever you wish. In fact, we welcome your participation!


  • Value: Have you ever been charged $75-150 for a recital costume, only to open it and think "That's it? That's all I get for my money?" That's why most studios won't share the price sheet with you - because you're charged up to $150 and receive a $50 costume (with the studio pocketing the difference). Not at DDW - we will share actual costume costs and you will receive full value.




Studio outing at Wolf Trap for dinner at Ovations Restaurant and a concert after our June Recital! (Pictured are some of our advanced students with Miss Nancy.)

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Dynamic DanceWorx: Dance! Dream! Believe!