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What our parents and students say about Dynamic Danceworx!

Until 18 months ago, my daughter faithfully attended a very well-known Reston ballet studio that is just a 60-second drive from our home. The student-to-instructor ratio was about 40:1, and the level of ballerina rivalry resembled a bad reality TV show.


I now am happy to drive twice a week to Dynamic DanceWorx, as my daughter is thriving in both ballet and hip hop under the expert instruction of Nancy Sage, who keeps classes small and focused under her guidance. My daughter is finally acquiring the grace, poise and confidence I’d hoped for, and Miss Nancy’s studio, instead of reality TV, is like a dedicated team in which all students support and mentor each other.


~ Karen M. – mother of a 10-year-old

We have known Miss Nancy for 10 years, and she always makes dance fun for us. She never puts us down, and instead encourages us to try new things and become the dancers we were capable of being. She has always been there by our sides, smiling and supporting us.


Not only has Miss Nancy been there as our dance instructor, but also as a mentor. We can always count on her whenever we need some words of advice. Miss Nancy has played a big role in our lives, and her love, support and commitment to us will always be remembered and cherished.


Thank you, Miss Nancy, for helping us to grow into the people we are today.


~ Teen sisters

Our family has known Miss Nancy for seven years, during which time both of our children took jazz, tap and ballet lessons from her. (I even talked my husband into the father-daughter dance.) My husband and I can say - without question - that Miss Nancy is the best dance teach we've ever had the pleasure to meet.


But she is much more than "just a teacher." Miss Nancy goes the extra mile to ensure each child feel welcome, and every student is made to feel special with her kindness and words of encouragement. The way she mentored our children helped them to learn and grow and to blossom into young adults.


We recommend Miss Nancy to any parents looking for a dance studio with a family atmosphere, one without "all the drama" and pettiness we saw at other studios. And we recommend her both as a dance professional and caring adult with whom we trust our children without any reservations whatsoever.


~ Darlene M. - mother of a teen and pre-teen

My daughter simply loves to perform and we found Dynamic DanceWorx to be a caring and nurturing environment for her to study the art of dance.


She has been studying under Miss Nancy for over 7 years and I’ve enjoyed watching my daughter’s confidence, and dance skills, grow as she learns different forms of dance – from jazz to tap to ballet. I grin from ear-to-ear as I watch my little girl perform in two dance recitals each year and I’ve even participated in the annual father/daughter dance (hide that video).


~ Scott J. – father of an 11-year old

Dancing with you for the past five years has been WONDERFUL! I can say enough how thankful I am that you are in my life. You have taught me so much, not just about dance but about life as well. Dancing with you and everybody at the studio makes me so happy! Honestly, I do not know where I would be today if I was not dancing with you. I know it will help me get through college with a great attitude.


I love you so much and will be back to visit!


~ Graduating high school senior

Thank you for including our two daughters in your Spring Recital this year. It is so wonderful to still have them dancing even though they are in college. They look forward to dancing with you whenever they can. Your love of them and dancing is both a gift and a treasure!


~Sigrid V. - mother of two college students

Additional references available upon request.

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